Mugwort by Barbara Ann Bears
Mugwort by Barbara Ann Bears
Mugwort by Barbara Ann Bears

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Mugwort has been reserved.

He is just 6.5 inches/16 cm tall and costs £95 plus postage and packing*

Mugwort is a one of a kind artist bear and is mainly made from short, light bright blue mohair, with stone coloured, longer, blue mohair used for his , snout, ear backs and under tail and a blue, green and brown, animal print faux fur used for his tummy.

Mugwort is one of a new range of small Barbara-Ann Bears colectively known as Little Herberts. Little Herberts are rather naughty little bears that like to get their noses into all sorts of trouble. They'll sneak into a handbag or pocket and then at a totally inappropriate moment start doing something totally inappropriate, maybe making farting noises or making appointments for you on your mobile phone. Not that we'd want to put you off having one of these charming little bears, if you're in need of a Barbara-Ann Bear fix these are the sort of bears you can easily carry around and have a quick cuddle.


*Postage, packing and insurance costs £5 for the UK, £9 for Europe and £ 12 for America and the rest of the world

Mugwort by Barbara Ann Bears Mugwort by Barbara Ann Bears
Mugwort by Barbara Ann Bears



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