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Guy is 19 inches/ 49.5 cm tall.

Guy is a copy of our very first artist bear, made on 5th November 1990, hence his name, for Guy Fawkes night. You might notice that our style has changed a little over the years. Guy is made from a rich gold, crushed velvet.

Guy has something to say....' As you can see I'm a fairly traditional sort of a chap, not one of those extrovert, flashy, multi-coloured things that 'she' makes nowadays. To be perfectly honest I can't see the point of it all, what's wrong with being gold all over, you can't get better than gold, and a black nose and eyes, perfectly acceptable, and I can manage without eyelids, I mean who's ever seen a bear with eyelids, whatever next, tails? Anyway, the point of this little rant is that I need to be rescued, I don't really fit in with all these whippersnappers, so if you're looking for a nice respectable bear who likes the occasional cuddle, nothing too frisky mind, then please come and get me, I implore you, rescue me, Heellllpppp....!'.
Yes, well, that's fine isn't it, where's the gratitude? Apparently we're not good enough for him, so please help Guy find a new and more suitable home.

Guy has gone to Poco Maison in Japan
please click on the link below to go to Poco's website.


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