Tyger Tim

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Tyger Tim is one of a kind artist bear, he's 15 inches/ 39cm tall and costs £195(GBP) plus postage* Tyger Tim's made from a variety of different fabrics, his body front is very long, auburn, German mohair with an inset tummy panel of spotty faux fur, the rest if his body, arms, legs and the back of his head are made form stripy tiger print faux fur, his snout is made from long, gold coloured mohair and his ear backs from long, dark brown. He has beautiful hand painted eyes, coordinating cream coloured felt pads a stripy tigerrish nose and contented smile.

Tyger Tim isn't really that tigerrish, he doesn't hunt in the depths of the Indian jungle, or the forests of Siberia, he doesn't have a terrifying roar and he can't climb trees in a single bound. In fact if he wasn't so stripy he probably wouldn't be called Tyger Tim at all, more probably something like Bookish Phil or Studious Steve.

* Postage, packing and insurance costs, £10 UK, £15 Europe, £20 USA and the rest of the world.


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