Gentle Bill Balantyne

Gentle Bill Balantyne sitting
Gentle Bill Balantyne's face
Gentle Bil Balantyne standing
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Gentle Bill Balantyne standing

Gentle Bill Balantyne half profile standing Gentle Bill Balantyne sitting

Gentle Bill Balantyne is one of a kind artist bear, he's 16.5 inches/ 42cm tall and cost £230(GBP) plus postage*
*** Gentle Bill Balantyne has been adopted, if you would like me to make you a similar bear please contact me. ***

Gentle Bill is a one of a kind bear, he's made from loomstate, straight pile, semi-sparse, German, mohair that Barbara has hand-dyed in charcoal, minty blues and cool greens with similar but greyer, longer and curly mohair on his tummy, ear fronts and under tail. He has coordinating grey, felt pads and beautiful, hand painted eyes, from Rita of Woodland Teddies that match perfectly and glitter softly. He has a hand embroidered nose that picks out the subdued colours of his mohair and a broad, happy smile.

Gentle Bill turns relaxing into an art form, he's so laid back that he makes horizontal look positively steep, he takes everything in his stride, well he doesn't actually do anything, he just lets the world pass him by with an occasional comment ' yeah, like that's really cool man, but you should take it easy' to a passing leaf.

* Postage, packing and insurance costs, £10 UK, £15 Europe, £20 USA and the rest of the world.

Gentle Bill Balantyne relaxing after a hard photo session
Gentle Bill, relaxing as usual


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