Wilma Wilma Wilma

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Wilma has been adopted, if you would like me to make you a similar bear please contact me, she is 20 inches/51 cm tall, he cost £295 plus postage and insurance*
Wilma's like me- she has no elegance, no sense of style, she's crazy about colour and hopes that everyone else is too and tough titties to those who aren't! She also weighs a ton, has huge feet and a rather large belly (enough said). She has a face that says 'talk to me and I'll listen' , providing it's important and neighbours isn't on telly. She also doesn't come cheap!
She has better eyes than me as they are hand painted, sparkly and rainbow coloured, I tried some glasses in these colours in the 80s but they swamped me and were too wide, yes, even for me.
Wilma has multi coloured splashes of colour all over her long, sparse, straggly mohair, but long cream curly mohair for her tummy, inner ears and under tail 9which you can only see when her big bum isn't on it....I've always wanted a tail). Her big feet and hand pads are made from cream ultrasuede and she has a large rainbow coloured nose, yes, that happens to me sometimes when I'm hand dying the mohair.
She's a nice bear to be around but, she's a bit lazy and likes to be waited on hand and foot, a word of warning, she hates biscuit crumbs in her fur, so please clean her nicely when she's finished the afternoon tea that you've prepared for her.

*postage and packing costs, UK £15.00, Europe £25.00, rest of the world £30.00

Wilma Wilma



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