Knobbly Neptune


Knobbly Neptune Knobbly Neptune

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Knobbly Neptune Knobbly Neptune

Knobbly Neptune is 15.5 inches/39 cm tall, he costs £240 plus postage and insurance*
Knobbly Neptune is a one of a kind bear, he likes to sit around the place having crazy thoughts, grinning to himself and never letting on what he's thinking of, you might think this to be enigmatic but really he's just in a world of his own most of the time, he just blurts things out every now and then, like ' If you lived in Angola you probably wouldn't want to plant petunias at this time of year' you know really useful stuff, he knows a lot about fish and tides though.
Knobbly Neptune is made from hand dyed, sea green, wavy, dense mohair,
with very long and lush, wavy, cream coloured mohair for his tummy, ears and under tail. He has coordinating greenish 100% woolfelt pads and his hand painted, lidded eyes match his fur and pads in greenish blues and have a pretty, metallic sheen.
He's not one for parties or anything energetic, he just leans back comfortably and watches the day go by, he's a very laid back sort of a fellow. He's nice, heavy and solid like a school, christmas pudding, but has a bit more give!

*postage and packing costs, UK £6.00, Europe £10.00, rest of the world £15.00



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